Shatter Master THC Distillate Vape Pen – Blue Dream (550mg)


Shatter Master Variable Voltage THC Distillate Vape Pen

Rechargeable Vape Pen, Replaceable Cartridge

Pre-loaded with 550mg – Blue Dream

In stock


The Shatter Master Vape Pen comes pre-loaded with 550mg of THC distillate, and can be recharged via the included USB charger. Save the pen when the distillate is depleted, as we offer a variety of refill cartridges!

This golden color product uses complex extraction techniques that yield a 94%-97% THC concentration. The resulting distillate is free of impurities, and when vaporized produces no smell and no flavour.

Touch sensor control
New & improved operation!
Variable voltage [2.7 | 3.4 | 4.1 V]


1. Attach USB to Shatter Master Pen and attach to any USB source to charge.
2. Press on/off button 5 times to turn on
3. Press and hold while inhaling.
4. Press on/off button 5 times to turn off
5. Press on/off button 3 times to adjust voltage. LED light indicate voltage setting.
– Green indicates the lowest voltage (2.7 volts) It creates smaller but most flavorful vapor.
– Blue indicates medium voltage (3.4 volts) It provides a balanced hit to the user.
– Red indicates the highest voltage level (4.1 volts) It creates the most vapor.


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